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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bocci's Monday Musings' Round-Up!

First, thanks to all who took the time to leave such detailed comments-we love it!
          Photo of me by: Rachel Lauren Photography

Now, let's get down to business. We technically had 10 comments and they were divided evenly between options #3 and #4. Let me explain: If Parental Unit had the self-control, dog observational skills, and consistently radiated calm, assertive energy, like say, the Dog Whisperer, she probably would have chosen #4, which on the surface, appears to be the best choice. But keep in mind, Parental Unit knows that I stiffen up and put out weird vibes around dogs who are bigger than I, and this was a stray pit bull with no owner to intervene in a possible confrontation. I think Rachel's comment (#4) explains my reasoning very well.

 So Parental Unit did in fact stamp her foot and shoo the dog away-she had to do that several times until the dog finally left. But when she saw that the poor dog was afraid and cowered a bit from the "shooing" she felt like a real creep! By the way, the dog actually seemed friendly and was really beautiful- white with black markings, so Parental Unit felt even more terrible.

As soon as I was dried off, Parental Unit inexplicably ran outside again in the downpour to see if the dog was anywhere in sight-but no luck (What she would have done if she found him is a mystery to me).
As soon as she was somewhat dry, she called animal control to report the wandering pooch. For what it's worth, the kind staffer at animal control did think Parental Unit did the right thing by putting my safety and her own first...

The winner is...well, it's probably a tie between Rachel (comment #4) and Peggy (comment #9), but Parental Unit always worries about an off leash dog getting hit by a car and made that exact comment to animal control.  She also gave me a biscuit right after my toweling off because she knows I hate it!

 So the winner is Peggy Frezon, author of that fabulous blog, Peggy's Pet Place. Congrats to Peggy!
If Peggy will kindly send us her snail mail address, we'll mail her the Innova coupon for a free bag of dog or cat food-a $17.00 value!

As always, thanks for sharing your comments with us.


Donna said...

O hai! I like food. :)

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Bocci I think your mom (P.U.) did TWO thingys Right.. Furst shooing away the unknown dawg, and then.. giving you a treat beclaws you got Wet. I'm just sayin buddy.

Peggy Frezon said...

Wow I'm so excited that I guess right! Yay! Thank you so much! Who'd have thought it was the mention of the treat that put me over the top. I guess that's just where my mind is at (on food!) Thank you for the prize! Hugs from Kelly too!

Cassy said...

Congratulations Peggy Frezon! I will be checking her site. Thanks for sharing the link.

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