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Monday, June 06, 2011

Pedigree Kicks Off "Every Dog Deserves" Campaign!

We are thrilled to help spread the good word about Pedigree's latest campaign to help shelter dogs!

Here's how it starts: Pedigree is introducing a brand new dry food formula that it's touting as "its best recipe ever". 

Here's how Pedigree has decided to celebrate: It will donate 100,000 pounds of their new food to shelters across the country...with your help.

Here's how YOU can help Pedigree help dogs: During the month of June, check out Pedigree's Facebook or Twitter page (use hashtag #everydog deserves), and tell the world why you think every dog deserves the best. For each  comment, "like", @reply, retweet, and/or photo upload directed at Pedigree, they'll donate one pound of food (up to 100,000 pounds total) to shelters across the country. So every single engagement on Facebook and Twitter will help feed dogs! Let's get to it!

Here are photos of the campaign kick-off in Beverly Hills California: Chelsea Kane, of Dancing with the Stars fame, and Pedigree help kick-off the "Every Dog Deserves" Campaign to donate 100,000 pounds of its best recipe ever to shelter dogs at The Amanda Foundation on June 1.

  Here's Chelsea and friend donating the first 10,000 pounds.


And here's yet another amazing donation from Pedigree: Because Bocci's Beefs is fortunate enough to be among the blogs sponsored by Pedigree to attend both the most recent and upcoming BlogPaws conferences, Pedigree will also donate $1000 to the shelter of our choice! Wow!
And we're asking you to suggest a shelter that you think is worthy via comments on this post-we'll probably be partial to shelters in our neck of the woods (but feel free to convince us otherwise), and it must be a "no kill" shelter.

So you have two tasks for a good cause:  
1. Engage with Pedigree on Facebook or Twitter as described above to get that much needed pound of food donated to a shelter, and...

2. Help us decide which lucky shelter will receive Pedigree's $1000 donation!

As always, thanks so much for your support.


Kirby, CGC said...

HI Bocci!
Mom and I saw the Pedigree thing on FB and we "liked" it. Very cool!

Hmm..the only shelter we are partial too right now is Harbor Humane Society, this is where mom volunteers and where she adopted me from. But they are not a no kill shelter, it's not that they don't want to be, but they just don't have the means to do it. They are the only animal shelter in our county so every animal comes to them. They are a shelter that is trying really hard to get animals adopted by putting in new training programs, education programs and marketing tools and it is starting to work! Harbor also only relies on private donations, they are not funded by any county money. They use a skeleton staff and rely on tons of volunteers and generous donations from the community. Maybe you would change your mind?....


Lorenza said...

Pedigree is doing a great job!
It is pawesome!
Kisses and hugs

Unknown said...

That sounds so interesting. A lot of cats and dogs will be helped by this programme. Bravo to Pedigree!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Thanks fur sharing this one!

Of khourse evFURRYdog deserves...




Bocci said...

Marvelous! Now share what you just wrote on Pedigree's Facebook page and Pedigree will donate another pound of food!

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