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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Help Petfinder Adopt The Internet Day!

We bet you've all heard of that marvelous online pet adoption organization called "Petfinder.com" that for the last 15 years, has brought us photos and descriptions of adoptable pets from all across the U.S. and Canada, to help us find and adopt just the right new furfriend.

In the last 15 years Petfinder.com has helped to adopt over 17 million dogs and cats! Boy, are we impressed, as are the millions of dogs and cats and their new owners!  In honor of their 15th birthday, Petfinders has named Tuesday, March 15th as "Help Petfinder Adopt The Internet Day", a day devoted to getting the word out about pet adoption and helping homeless pets find loving homes. On that day, Petfinders is hosting a fun bloghop on their site and asking websites and bloggers everywhere to do one simple thing: talk about pet adoption.

Learn all about this event and what you can do to participate right here: www.petfinder.com/info/adopt-the-internet. Parental Unit and I urge all of our good friends to participate in this most important 15th birthday party for Petfinders: First, choose a badge for your sidebar from many terrific designs-see my new one?
Second, write a post before March 15th if you can, announcing this event to all of your friends and asking them to participate, too. And last but not least, join the Petfinder Bloghop on Tuesday, March 15th by writing a post on your blog about pet adoption, and linking that post to the Petfinder bloghop. And don't forget to join the fun on Facebook and Twitter on the big day!

We're looking forward to participating and helping homeless pets find their furever homes-how about you?


Unknown said...

THis is great , Bocci. We have shared it on facebook using zmummy's accnt n will get down to writing a post on our blog too.

Petfinder has a tie-up with some shelters in New DElhi here in India and many people from outside India too has come forward to adopt our stray dogs.Isn't it amazing?

Wags, gin, Bud n Shadow

Fiona Designs said...

We are blessed to have found Logan and Spencer on petfinder.com!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

We are definitely going to be participating! We didn't get either of our babies from Petfinder but a number of our family members found their babies there and we are in awe of the wonderful work that they do!

Unknown said...

Petfinder has done a good job! WE hope more pets find their homes as soon as possible, they deserve to be loved and cared!

Asta said...

This is a wondewful even! If Mommi is well enuff and wemembews i will cewtainly pawticipate.
I wish we could have the gween papews to pay mowe vettie bill, cause Mommi would love nothing mowe than to adopt a woofie
smoochie kisses

Unknown said...

Thanks for coming by, Bocci.
Yes, Shadow was rescued from the street when he was just about 4 and half months old. In fact, he insisted hard on being adopted - following us around and making the most rueful faces when we left him at the gate!Finally, we just couldn't let him go...He is about 8 months old now..
His is a very endearing story and we would love to share it with you.And of course, if it gets published, it will be the most awesome thing to happen:)
I, Ginger, was sold(yes, sold!!) to Mummy n Daddy by our neighbours who couldn't handle my exuberant nature as a pup.
And Buddy came to live witrh us just 1 and half years ago when his family gave him up because they were moving!
We will send you all our stories but we would love to get Shadow's story published , if possible.He symbolises so many of our street dogs and is an amazing living example of how wonderful a street- born dog can be.

is there any dead line for sending in the stories? our mummy is a great procrastinator n will do well to prepare the story well ahead!

wags, bud, gin n shadow

Unknown said...

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Kimberly said...

I found my Jaffery on Pet Finder. Actually, just posted about it today with his adoption birthday :)

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