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Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's Hear It For Us Mutts!

Or mixed breeds, or "blends" as Mike Arms, president of Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego likes to call us. Whatever name you choose, there sure are a lot of us. And it seems, unfortunately, that somehow we seem to end up in animal shelters. Go figure. According to statistics from www.muttigrees.org, an organization formed to help us mutts, "there are 50 million mixed breed dogs in the U.S. today..., and three out of every four shelter dogs are mixed breeds." Yikes!

Now, we want this to be perfectly clear: we have nothing against purebred dogs. In fact, some of our best friends are purebreds (hehehe). And Parental Unit has always had purebred dogs in the past-until I came along, that is. Of course, the idea these days is to get your purebred pooches from either rescue groups or responsible breeders, of which there are many. So, we love you our purebred friends!

But there's another interesting angle to the story: it seems that, as the dogs go, so goes the country. In an article in yesterday's New York Times, titled: "Black? White? Asian? More Young Americans Choose All of the Above", we learned that "blends" are all the rage among humans too!  According to this article, "The crop of students moving through college right now includes the largest group of mixed race people ever to come of age in the United States, and they are only the vanguard: the country is in the midst of a demographic shift driven by immigration and intermarriage." Read the full article here: www.nytimes.com/2011/01/30/us/30mixed.html.

Now we happen to think this is a good thing. We love the idea of all sorts of ethnicities, religions, races (and dog breeds) uniting in marriage, procreation and whatever else they'd like to unite in. And it's high time that humans started emulating us dogs, which I'm sure is what's happening. I mean, we've been listening to you folks for centuries-the tables are finally turned!

And speaking of mutts, is this a face to love, or what?
Photo of me by www.rachellaurenphotography.com

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The Daily Pip said...

Mutts Rule!

Your pal, Pip

Tucker The Crestie said...

Bocci we can't speak for anyone else but WE love your face!

Gus said...

That is surely a lovable face, I think you must be part WFT too!


Pup Fan said...

Agreed... mutts definitely rule!

Have you heard about the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour blog hop this Friday? It's a whole blog hop dedicated to our beloved mutts:


Hope you can join us!

Barbara said...

Mutts are the best!!!

Bocci said...

Hey Pup fan-thanks for the info on the Mutt blog hop! I'll be there!

Fiona Designs said...

Mutts rule!

The Daily Pip said...

Hi Bocci,

Just checked and you are on our blog roll. You are listed under Pet Adoption and Pet Rescue and Pet Services: Bocci's Beefs. Not sure why not listed just as Bocci's Beefs.

Your pal, Pip

Bocci said...

Oops sorry for bugging you about that Pip-my bad!

Asta said...


I seem to always be on the same page wif you, hehehe
I agwee wif evewything you say.
You sweet fwiend awe gowgeous and pawfect and evewy smawt pup and pawson knows that it's inbweeding that's bad. Mixing is gweat! It's bootiful, it's healthy , I mean, just look at you!
I'm sad that thewe awe all those fuwwkids homeless and that so many of them awe "mutts"
they awe valuable , wondewful fuwwkids
I hope they find homes whewe they awe tweasuwed like they should be
smoochie kisses

annies home said...

I think mutts are my favorite type of dog they offer the best in a mix of dogs and are as loveable as they come as far as America we are as my history teacher stated the salad bowl of the world where many come together and get mixed in and make the world go better

I am your new follower you can find me at Annies Home located at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

Sara said...

Love your blog! I am now your newest follwer from welcome wednesday. Hope you will stop by and join me at www.skinnyonadime.com

Kirby, CGC said...

Hi Bocci,
I agree, mutts rule! But mom did have angel Max who was a pure bred Lhasa Apso so she is also fond of purebreeds too.

We will also be doing the mutt blog hop!


East9thStreet said...

My two mutts, Ivan & Rex, have been the best dogs ever! My purebred lab (husband wanted a hunting dog) is crazy! From this point we agreed our family will only adopt shelter dogs. There are too many pups out there who need our love.

Following you from the Welcome Wednesday bloghop.


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