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Monday, April 19, 2010

Be The Change!

I know you all have enjoyed reading about my antics at the recent BlogPaws conference (don't even mention doggie day care to Parental Unit or she'll faint), but what I haven't talked about is the heart of the BlogPaws conference - to help pet shelters and rescue organizations meet the needs of their increasing populations of abandoned animals.
Well, I can speak with authority on that subject, because I was an abandoned pup myself. With all the 'beefing" I've been doing, I still know that I'm a heck of a lucky dog (don't tell Parental Unit I admitted that!) to have found this terrific home.
Anyway, the least I can do is give back by using my blog to promote the adoption and rescue of abandoned animals, and to support the shelters and rescues that allow us to find good, loving homes.
Pets Without Parents is one of  3 such shelters that BlogPaws has chosen to help. On April 16th (I'm a bit tardy!), they lauched a campaign to rally bloggers to the cause. So check out this site: firstgiving.com/blogpawty to  make a donation and learn how to use your own blog to help the cause. Thanks from me and all my rescued pet friends!


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