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Friday, March 05, 2010

Breaking The Fast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Well, I usually don't get my breakfast until after we go for a walk (so I can earn my food-Parental Unit thinks she's head of an ancient wolf pack, or something.)
But here's just a few of the problems that come up every morning:
On the days she doesn't teach, she sleeps late.
She gets "important" phone calls.
And, she has to have her green tea and whole grain toast slathered with almond butter, raisins or banannas, and sprinkled with cinammon before we go for that walk. Duh? Do you think I get a little hungry?
So I see no harm, in snatching what looks like leftovers from her plate-see picture below for what "disappeared" this morning.
And here's the joke, since Parental Unit regularly has what she calls "senior moments", she can't even remember whether she ate it or I snatched it! I don't know what's better, eating that yummy breakfast or seeing that puzzled look on her face when she happens to notice an empty plate...


Duke said...

OMG, something definitely needs to change here, Bocci! You NEED to eat breakie at least an hour before walkies to keep up your strength! A bite of toast is just not gonna cut it! Let us know if your mom reads this and thinks we're smart Airedales, okay?

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Bocci said...

We both think you're really smart Airdales, Maggie and Mitch! So smart in fact, that Parental Unit might be changing our routine a bit...:-) The only thing is, I'm pretty much always hungry!
Your buddy,

Asta said...

You'we pawfect!!1
I loooove bweakfast..Mommi eats toast and cafe latte in bed(Daddi makes it and leaves it fow hew as he leaves) I get evewy ohtew bite, heheh
I adowe toast!!
I hope you got that yummie looking feast(Mommi nevew wemembews anything these days so don't feel bad
)smoochie kisses

McGillicutty said...

Me thinks your are giving your parental unit a hint. eh? We eat before we run (me fur mom wogs). We agree with M and M! BUT, does that ever look YUMMY! Me mom wish me dad would make her breakfast in bed like Asta's mom. I'd probably sneak over and eat it anyway!

Tell your parental unit that the sofa is a 1920s antique that is recovered in vintage 60's fabric. An original indeed! Me fur mom LOVES it too. It's low to the ground so she can jump on it (heehee).

Bocci, keep pulling shenanigans like that, and you're bound to become famous. I mean, pulling a disappearing act on the human food and THEN making her think she might have eaten it.... How do you do that?

Irish Love,

Bocci said...

Hilarious as always!
Parental Unit wants to know how your Mommi found such a great guy! No wonder she says not to give up on love!
My second Parental Unit, the one who bought me from the local pound as a 50th birthday present for PU #1 , left on Xmas day and has never returned-we still do miss him a bit... I've taken his place by her with my head on the pillow-really comfy! And I have a beard like he did, so that helps! And Parental Unit loves me enough for two-despite the late breakfast!
Here's to better luck in love this year for both of us!

Your buddy,

Bocci said...

Oh McGillicutty, thanks for pointing out my talents so clearly for Parental Unit! She knows I'm headed for the big time!

And I'll pass on that info about the sofa-wow! Parental Unit is a 60's gal even though she's a bit too young (she claims) to remember it clearly. No wonder she admired it-she loves everything 60's!
Talk with you soon,
Your buddy, Bocci

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