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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mugs Shot

Hey folks, I'm letting my cousin, Mugsy ( he's my Parental Unit's sister's pooch), take a turn at writing on my blog-ain't I the generous one! But Mugsy here really deserves to be heard after what he's been through-this is a whopper of a rescue story! Given that he's "family" I'm sure he'll be asking for more free air time-you all know how that goes...

Well, after that introduction...I hardly know where to begin. Ehmmmm. O.K. now that I've recovered my composure...it started many years ago, when my first owners dumped me on the side of the road in Washington, near Seattle. With hindsight, they really did me a favor-that place was no fun, let me tell ya. But at first, I waited for the longest time by the road for them to come back-I thought it was some kind of weird game they were playing.
Anyway, when I got too hungry, I went foraging in the nearby woods and happened to find a piece of propped up plywood-perfect for a little inpromptu shelter. Except no one happened to pass by for what seemed like years! In reality, I was told, I was out there for over a month. The problem was, I was so frightened of people by that time that I had to be trapped to be rescued! Yep, you read that right, trapped like a wild animal, ( don't worry, the trap was one of those nets so I wasn't hurt). I lived in a family's barn for awhile, but no one could go near me or I'd bite their hands off! And I was so dang nervous, I was constantly spinning and gnawing on my own legs.
Thank goodness, a wonderful dog rescue lady heard about my plight and gave me a foster home. For 5 months, she worked, and worked, and worked with me until I started trusting humans to touch me again.
I then spent about 2 months training at a place called the "Echo Glen Children's Center" where I worked in their Canine Connection Program- it sure was fun to work with those teenagers who needed some help themselves!

Oh, I'm being told to wrap up this sob story. Well, I never!

O.K. so that's where my Parental Unit comes in (and my forever home, I'm now confident). Way back in 2006, while I was just finishing up my stint at Echo Glen, she saw my picture on the web as ready for home adoption. She always did like Cattle Dogs, and just thought I was a real beauty (ain't I though?). She just happens to be a professional photographer with a side gig in pet photography, and thought I'd make the perfect companion. And boy was she right! She likes to get a ton of exercise, so now she spends about half her day walking me in parks all over Seattle. And I get to go on "photo shoots" with her-last year we drove to Oregon to photograph wild mustangs!
And get this, she did tons of research to find the best dog food-it's 100% organic for me, but she's on a strict food budget, so she has to ration her organic purchases. Hehehe-sometimes I think she's crazy!
And then.....oops...gotta go...more..... Ouch!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Mugsy!
Thanks for sharing your story!
Sure you had hard times but now you are in the best hands!
Kisses and hugs

Bocci said...

I sure am-get to sleep in late too! Hey! Whadaya mean my time's up?!

Bocci here-Hi Lorena, glad you stopped by and enjoyed my cousin's story. He's got it made!
Talk to you soon,
Your buddy Bocci

Agatha and Archie said...

Well, that was some story..PL2 got kind of teary eyed there..and you look like a GREAT kid... We are so sorry you had to go throught al that but we are SOOOO happy that you are in a great place now..We do all organic too and PL2 said we eat better than they do...So what we say that is the way it should be...hee hee Love A+A

Finni said...

Hey Mugsy,
Boy, are we glad you've found your forever home. Some human beans are soooo stupid to dump their furkids at the side of the road. You did well to survive for a whole month. I think I would just howl...
Finni xx

Bocci said...

Hi A&A,

Yeah, I am a pretty good guy! And I'm one lucky dog, for sure.
Oh, that silly Bocci is getting jealous of all the attention I'm getting on his blog...hehehe
Your new pal,

Bocci said...

Hey Finni,

Well, howlin' might have gotten some help a little sooner-I didn't think of that!
Think I'm driving Bocci crazy with all the attention I'm getting on his blog!
Your new pal,

Molly the Airedale said...

Hi Mugsy! We just LOVE your eyebrows!
You sure did have one rough beginning! We're so glad that Bocci's hooman sissy found you and gave you a loving home!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Bocci said...

Oh, thank you so much-I'm rather proud of my brows...I groom them myself!

O.K., that's enough compliments now for my cousin-have you ever checked out my brows? Huh? :-) :-) :-)
Your buddies,
Bocci and Mugsy

Asta said...

What a fantboolous stowy ..i looooove happy endings!!!!!!
I think you found the pawfect fuwwevew home. I'm sowwy it too k so log and you had such awful adventoowes along the way.
you awe quite gowgeous, so natoowally a photogwahew would be tewwibully attwacted to you. Im a giwl doggie,(bocci thinks I'm a guy, but I don't mind)
It' gweat to heaw fowm you
smoochie kisses

Bocci said...

Oh, I knew that you were a gal all along, Asta :-) Only a gal could be as purty as you are!
That black sweater is truly fab-your color for sure!. My Parental Unit's mother was born and raised in Brooklyn, so we have a New York connection-and for some reason my Parental Unit's standard "uniform" is a black turtleneck-she's channeling her "beatnik" heritage...

P.S. Mugsy says he looks great in a black sweater too!

Your buddies,
Bocci and Mugsy

Rachel said...

I'm sorry any of my kind ever mistreated you sweetie... but I am SO glad that you have your Mommy now. Wild Mustangs huh? Lucky!

Bocci said...

Yep, that was a great trip-Mugsy told me so!
P.S. Parental Unit's sister is about to "go live" with her new website-I'll post the address when it does, so everyone can check out those horsies and lots of other photos!
Thanks for stoppin' by!

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