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Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Power of Serendipity...and Rescue

Parental Unit and I were on our evening walk, and we stopped into the laundromat like we do every week to pick up a free paper that tells about all the hip, fun things going on in Columbus (not that we ever go out and do those hip, fun things, mind you.) Well anyway, there was a young couple in there doing their laundry, and of course, I ran right up to the gal in my usual over-the-top happy state, (and here comes the serendipity part), she just happened to be a dog lover with a particular hankering for terriers! When I heard that, I managed to slip her my business card, and she and Parental Unit got to talking.
It seems that she's a recent transplant to Columbus from the great state of Texas, and both of her terriers are rescues, one a Westie and the other a Cairn terrier. And if you can believe this, the Westie was on death row at the shelter before she swooped in to save the little fella. She immediately offered to share a photo of her 2 "rescue babies", as she called them, for my blog-what a coup! And what a gal!
Here's the picture-these little guys are almost as good lookin' as I am. Their names are Khloie and Fletcher.
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