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Thursday, February 04, 2010

I'm In Charge Of Distribution!

Hey everyone, The Dog Whisperer ( I'm allowed to call him Cesar) has asked me to occassionally post some useful information for dog owners on my blog, straight from the big guy, himself.
So here's some tips for your new adult dog or puppy - enjoy!

Top 7 Tips for Your New Dog or Puppy
from "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan!

This holiday season, many people adopted new canine family members. In order to prevent problems down the road, it's important that you establish leadership with your new dog or puppy right from the start.

Create a schedule that includes a daily walk in the morning. This is critical for your dog's health, both physical and mental. If you have a puppy, talk to your veterinarian about the risk of long-term bone development problems, parvovirus, and other health issues before implementing an exercise routine.

Set aside time every day to provide mental exercise by maintaining rules, boundaries, and limitations. When these needs are met, the affection you give to your dog will be channeled as a reward.

Always walk out the door ahead of your dog when leaving the house. This will show your dog who is in the leadership role.

On walks, make sure that your dog is not in front of you, pulling you down the street. Instead, keep your dog to your side or behind you. This will also demonstrate to your dog that you are the alpha figure.

Give your dog something to do before you share food, water, toys, or affection. This way the dog earns his treat. For example, have her perform the Sit or Down command.

At bedtime, if your puppy tries to leave her bed, begins to whine, or tries to use chewing as a way to cope with the anxiety of being alone, give her gentle but firm corrections. The puppy's mother set very strict rules for behavior, so she should need very little correction in order to get the point.

Create a budget for unexpected circumstances, like medical bills and training classes. A healthy, well-trained dog makes a wonderful pet.

This February, join Cesar in celebrating Puppy Love! Help the non-profit Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation spread the love for pups in rescues and shelters to commemorate their third year anniversary. 

For more tips on how to prevent problem behaviors before they start, or to buy Cesar's newest DVD Raising the Perfect Puppy or check out his book How to Raise the Perfect Dog Through Puppyhood and Beyond, visit CesarsWay.com.



Unknown said...

Hey Bocci!

Thanks for visiting. What a fine looking fella you are! My mom lived in Bexley Ohio for about 3 years when she was just a pup. Then she grew up in Cincinnati, so we have a soft-spot for that square state. Did you get lots of snow today?

Your pal,


Bocci said...

Hey right back to ya, Petey
Thanks for stopping by and becoming a "Follower". Yes, I am a handsome devil, ain't I? But my Parental Unit is always askin' me-why can't you look handsome and happy like that guy, Petey? I don't smile so much in pictures...
Bexley is a beautiful place-lots of big trees on the streets to sniff out-Parental Unit and I visit friends there, and we live real close-in German Village.
Yep, got most of the snow yesterday, and today it turned really cold-brrrr-I'm under the blankets already...
Talk with you soon!

Unknown said...

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