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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Nuance" Part 2

Well, once again I'm caught in the middle. I've got lots of soft, furry toys and a few rubber ones, so if you mix rubber and fur, what do you get? Socks with rubber anti-slide stickers on the bottom, that's what! How in the heck am I supposed to know the difference between those rolled up socks lying on the floor and an "allowed" fur/rubber combo toy? Duh!
If you take a good look at the picture below (I'm giving you a peak at my secret hiding place for all the stuff I steal), you'll see a few of my real toys - a furry squirrel with rubber feet right in front of me, a rubber chew stick to my right and the forbidden combo socks directly to my left. But right next to the socks on my left is a mystery toy (it's really no mystery to me). That's a washcloth I plucked from the laundry basket (when Parental Unit had put off doing the laundry and left it sitting in the middle of the hallway.) So what's that washcloth to do with the theory of my alleged confusion between furry and rubber? Nothing.


Duke said...

We think if you find it on the floor then it's fair game! We don't think you did anything wrong, Bocci!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Bocci said...

You know, neither do I! I'm so glad someone else can help me clear things up!
Now that I think of it, if I could get a 'treat machine" like you guys have maybe I wouldn't grab washcloths and socks...
Food for thought!

Asta said...

I don't think you awe the confoosed one at all. Youw logic is im peckabull. Those things on the floow awe youws to play wif, and umm, if it looks like a toy..it is a toy, hehehehehe
Gweat hidy place. My fwiend Agatha (of Agahta and Archie) had a "bomb sheltew" undew a bed that was a pawfect place fow secwet meetings and hiding toys, but hew bwofuw discovewed it and now thei PL won't let eithew one in.
Pleez tell youw PAwental oonit nevew to give up on twoo love!!!!
smoochie kisses

Bocci said...

Yes, I remember the bomb shelter! My secret place is under the bed- it can never be blocked off because Parental Unit must vacuum under it!
I haven't given up on true love, but Parental Unit is sliding down that slippery slope...I'll tell her what you said...:-)
Your friend,

McGillicutty said...

Hi there, me lad, and fellow thief of all things! I'm a member of that club, but I need a better hiding place. After me Mom read about Archie and Agatha's bomb shelter, THAT idea was busted, so I now can't use YOUR idea. Hmmm. me thinks that I will have to get creative. I bet me fur mom would tell on me too! She has already grabbed me by the collar and drug me out of a forbidden room of our house. Yep, that one impressed me Mom, for sure. If only I could convince her to be me partner in crime, and take a walk on the wild side like we do.

Irish Love,

Agatha and Archie said...

THUD........................... Uhhhh Bocci...Arch here...Agatha just kind of fainted....SHe uhhhh had a bomb shelter under the bed where she had a bed and a lot of toys and stuff? and ahhhh I kind of took it over and maybe we did uhhhh have a couple of fights and stuff and now it is kind of off limits....to both of us..SHE IS NOT happy about this,,I think she is going to write about it soon....when she stops taking her tranquilizers...Your pal Arch PS tell your Pack leader(PL) to go to this doggies blog...
http://clotildezampa.blogspot.com/ She lives in Italy and is looking for friends!!! Tell her we sent ya!!

Bocci said...

Hey McGillicutty,
I'll have to do some thinkin' about how to convince your fur mom to "walk on the wild side"-there's nothin' like it, as we both know!
I'm glad to be your partner in crime-we'll have to put our furry noggins together and figure out some more thievery...hmmm.
Hey, just realized that your big day is comin' up soon my Irish pal. Can hardly wait to see what you come up with to celebrate!

Bocci said...

Hey my two wire friends- I did hear about the bomb shelter debacle... my condolences on the loss of a great hiding spot!
I'm going to pass on that Italian blog to my Parental Unit pronto! I know she'll swoon if she gets to talking with a real live Italian.
So when she faints, I'll make a dive for the food!

Your buddy, Bocci

golden said...

Hi Bocci!!!
Thankyou for your signature on my blog' s guestbook, for the comment and because you are now my blog' s follower!!!!
I add your blog on my blogroll!!!!!
Can you add mine, PLEASEEEE?!

A lot of kisses to you!
Golden Clotilde

Bocci said...

Hi Golden Clotilde,

So glad I have a friend in Italy! Do you play Bocci Ball (or is it Bocce?)?
I will put you on my blogroll right now!
Talk with you soon.
Your buddy from Ohio,

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