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Friday, January 15, 2010

All (O.K. almost all) Kidding Aside

These last few days, it's been hard for me to talk just about all the stupid/funny stuff that humans do, because I can't help but think of the earthquake victims and survivors in Haiti. You know, I agree with Woody Allen, who said something like "if someone in the world is starving, it ruins my whole day." The more I learn about the devastation in Haiti, the more down I get. If you can believe it, I couldn't even (fully) enjoy my biscuits yesterday! But there's one thing we all know can cure those blues-and that's to help, even in a small way. So here's a link to CNN so you can find your way to help: www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/01/13/haiti.earthquake.how.to.help/index.html

What really gave me the push to get this off my bleeding heart chest was a "film" review I saw in The Times today (we in the Midwest call them "movies").
It's a documentary called "Mine", by Geralyn Pezanoski, that "tells the story of the pets, mostly dogs and cats, left behind during the storm [Hurrican Katrina] when their humans were forced to flee." It got a darn good review, (considering it was The Times) and something that I'll see with a wad of tissues clutched in my paws. Here's the link to the review: movies.nytimes.com/movie/457377/Mine/overview .


Duke said...

Our thoughts and prayers are never far from from the Haitian people. It's just so very sad.
We hadn't yet heard about "Mine". It looks like a must-see film. Thank you for letting us know about it.

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Bocci said...

No problem, Maggie and Mitch. I hadn't heard about that movie either, even though Parental Unit and I are real movie buffs! I sit beside her on the couch and hope popcorn falls my way. She tends to dribble it all over the place when she's stuffing her face....

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