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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cat Drives Parental Unit To Brink!

Well, here's a first—Parental Unit asked me if she could borrow my blog to vent about dear kitty. Oh, does this make my heart sing with joy! Read on...

                            Is someone calling me a thief?

Bella, where in the heck are all my red pens?  I'm an English teacher, I need my red pens! I know you're stealing them, Bella, and stashing them in all your kitty hiding places that no human could possibly think to look. Will I open up, say, a never-used closet, and instantly be buried in an avalanche of red pens? Will I start seeing large mounds under all the throw rugs and discover a stash of pens leaking red ink on the carpeting? Will I peer into the freezer one day and see what I think is blood from some left-over burger meat-only to discover it's frozen red ink from thousands of pens?  Where are they???!!!!

O.K. Please just quietly put them all back in my bookbag in the middle of the night-you're up anyway.


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