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Friday, October 28, 2016

Feral Cats Prey On Rats

Feral???  Yes, Bella, Parental Unit found you on the street 12 years ago, but you must have been too young to remember...

But feral cats in New York city are being put to work to control the city's rat population, and seem to be doing a darn good job. After going through the trap, spay/neuter, release program, felines are being deployed throughout neighborhoods and on docks and convention centers where food is frequently unloaded...and their predator instincts have kicked in. "We used to hire exterminators, but nature has a better solution," said the sustainability manager at New York's Jacob Javits Center.

But these cats don't necessarily kill the rodents, but rather their scent and droppings repel them.

Since tomorrow is National Cat Day, let us know how you and your feline friends will be celebrating, and/or how you will be helping the stray or homeless shelter cats in your community.  And if you're lacking for ways to celebrate or contribute, check out these Top 20 Ways To Celebrate this special day.
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