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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Celebrate Labor Day With Top Hero Dogs of 2016

Uh, do I count as a "hero working dog"? I wrestled Tigger to the ground, and that takes a lot of work!

Enough about me! This article from DogTime Media shines the spotlight on a few canines who accomplished some standout heroic work during the past year—enough to put the "work' into working dog! And on this Labor Day, we think we should celebrate these canine workers right along with their human counterparts.

We hope you and your pup can enjoy tomorrow relaxing outdoors together, with a nice long walk in your neighborhood or hike in the park, and polish off the day with a picnic that includes all of the neighborhood canines. Sounds like a perfect day to us!


Sheltie Times said...

It is amazing the types of jobs dogs are performing.

The Daily Pip said...

Big paws up to the doggie elephant poacher police and all the others. Hope you and your parental unit are having a lovely day.

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