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Friday, June 17, 2016

Dogs Are In Tune With Human Emotions

Am I more in tune with you or Tigger, Parental Unit? Hmmmm....

This detailed article from one of our favorite holistic veterinarians, Dr. Karen Becker, explains the "hows" and "whys" behind canine empathy and how it impacts both dog and human. We've known for eons that dogs are sensitive to human emotions and pick up on how we're feeling at any particular moment, sometimes more than our human companions.

Recent studies help explain why that's so, and why our canine buddies can even tell the difference between happy and and angry human facial expressions. (We think that means you humans should smile more, if at all possible!)

This article goes a step further and includes extensive strategies to reduce both canine and human stress—something we all can use some help with. Let us know if you have, or will try any of these stress reduction techniques and how they work for you!


Duke said...

What a great article and it's all true! Smile more, mom!

Love ya lots♥

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they can tell the difference between happy and angry! Thank you for sharing this great article!!

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