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Saturday, May 14, 2016

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day!

                              Yup, that's today, folks!

We've written about this issue several times before: How to be at least better prepared to protect your human and animal companions in an emergency. None of us can be perfectly prepared for a natural or other type of disaster, but having some basic strategies in place will certainly help us to be a bit more confident should disaster strike.

And none of us want our beloved pets to be injured or left behind if we can prevent it—that's why we have to prepare on our pets' behalf. This article from one of our favorite holistic veterinarians, Dr. Karen Becker, is particularly helpful because it provides a comprehensive list of items to prepare ahead of time and what exactly to do during the emergency itself. Generally, the following tips will help you prepare:

__ Create (or buy) a pet emergency kit and store in a safe place.

__ Know where you can seek shelter if you have to evacuate, including addresses and phone numbers (Add pet friendly hotels to your list).

__ Have two written plans for you and your family: one if you're home when disaster strikes and one if you are not home.

__Keep a photo of your pets with you at all times (hard copy as well as on your phone), and place pet alert stickers in your windows.

We understand that none of us want to think about anything "bad" happening, but if we don't think about it for just a little while, we can't be prepared if something bad does happen, right? And since  we pets can't protect ourselves, you humans have to plan on our behalf. As Dr. Becker says: "There will be few times in the life of your beloved companion that he will need you more than in the event of a disaster."

                    Have you prepared for me, Parental Unit? 

How many of you have both human and pet emergency kits safely stored in your home? Please let us know!


Duke said...

What a great post! We need to think about being prepared!

Bocci said...

Thanks Molly and Mackie! None of want to think about this (really!), but with all the crazy weather lately, disasters are happening more and more frequently. Look at the flooding in Louisiana and the horrible wildfire in Alberta—the whole town had to evacuate, there!
Best to do a bit of planning...at least we'll rest easier, even if nothing happens.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Our PEEPS don't have one fur THEMSELVES... butt when we Moved from Ohio to Pencil Vane E Ah... mom had to REWORK our PLAN... and find a safe place fur OUR Meds and impawtant papers... and our Walkin Strings and stuffs... She makes SURE that WE are safe.

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