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Monday, April 04, 2016

L.A.'s Downtown Dogs Get The Royal Treatment

      Does a bath in Parental Unit's tub count as "royal treatment"?

We love this trend: Pet parents continue to be increasingly insistent that their pets receive the best treatment and have access to all the amenities they could possibly desire. Check out the high end services these apartment and condo complexes in downtown Los Angeles offer their pet-owning customers. A grassed rooftop deck with toys and treats? Check. Concierge dog walkers—yes! On-site bathing and grooming facilities? Of course.

Now these amenities may seem over the top to most of us (or we just provide the concierge services ourselves), but we think this trend means our pets are family members, and we want them treated like family members wherever they go. And to us, this is a positive step forward.

Parental Unit, for one, loves it when I'm welcomed into shops, banks and other places of business in our community, just like I was a human customer. In turn, Parental Unit takes me more places with her, and I get to share her life rather than sit home waiting for her return. Let us know what you think about this trend—is your apartment complex or neighborhood pet friendly?


Two French Bulldogs said...

Nice!! Spa day
Lily & Edward

Juno said...

Paws up!!
Hello and nice to meet you, Bocci!

Greetings from Canada,
Momo & Pinot

Bocci said...

Hello Momo and Pinot—We love our Canadian friends!

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