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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Where Pets Go, Allergies Might Follow

Allergies? What allergies? Parental Unit is re-thinking her decision allowing me to sleep on the bed...I'll beg to differ!

    Well, not my allergies, but the humans around me who might be allergic to...gasp, me! Typically, pet parents are careful to avoid living with pets they're terribly allergic to, but what about traveling with your pets? And staying in pet friendly hotels where people allergic to pets—your pet—might be staying. And let's not forget airline travel—achoo!

This recent article in The New York Times discusses the precautions and planning allergy suffers take  when traveling, and how airlines, hotels and other businesses are struggling to accommodate both patrons: those who are increasingly traveling with Fido and Fluffy, and those who are allergy sufferers.

We didn't realize that even after the deep cleaning hotels typically perform after a pet's stay (for which they typically charge an extra $75-$150), their dander can stick around for weeks—no comfort for allergy suffers there.

Let us know if you regularly travel with your pet and/or if you've encountered irate allergy sufferers—or are an allergy sufferer. We'd love to hear your stories!


Duke said...

We don't travel and stay in hotels so we don't have anything to offer.
Happy Easter to you and your family, Bocci!

Bocci said...

Parental Unit doesn't travel much either, but wishes she could:-). The few places I've gone with her did allow me to stay in the rooms, and that was fun!

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