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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Forward With Pet Safety Tips!

Before you go "cuttin' a rug" in your parental unit's spring garden...

You might want to read these excellent spring time pet safety tips from the ASPCA to help you navigate some of the potential dangers of this beautiful season. You might also want to print a copy of their poisonous and non-poisonous plants for posting in a handy location.

The general idea is the things we typically do around our home in the spring can be associated with potential problems for pets: spring cleaning (with potent cleaners particularly toxic to pets); throwing open the windows to let in fresh air...sans pet-safe screens; potentially toxic pesticides and fertilizers used to keep our garden in top shape (maybe think organic this year—Parental Unit says organic garden supplies do work!); and keeping spring time pests at bay with year-round heart worm preventative, and periodic application of flea and tick control.

Follow these pet safety strategies and you, too, will dash into the verdant spring with confidence!

Let us know what safety precautions you take at this time of year to protect your pets. We'd love to add your strategies to our repertroire!


Duke said...

Happy Spring, Bocci! We love your smile☺

Bocci said...

Thanks Mitch and Molly! A very happy and healthy spring to you, too...and to your parental units!

The Daily Pip said...

All these tips are great. I would add to watch for kitties with spring fever trying to get out the newly opened windows and front doors. Rosie tends to get spring fever and we have to watch her very carefully at this time of year.

Bocci said...

Thanks for that extra tip, Kristen. I have a few bars on the outside of an upstairs window, so neither Bocci nor Bella can break thru.

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