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Monday, March 14, 2016

Hip Replacement Surgery Goes To The Dogs

Hope there's no hip replacement in my future...And parental Unit hopes the same for her!

It's interesting to learn from this recent article in The New York Times that total hip replacement surgery for canines has been around since at least 1957, but only for larger dogs—those most prone to hip dysphasia—but in the last decade or so this surgery been perfected for smaller dogs.

This particular article follows the case of Ben, a gorgeous nine month old Golden Retriever who had a near crippling joint defect—we'd love to hear that made it impossible for him to jump (at first his owners thought he was just an especially well-mannered dog), or to engage in normal activities—he need help getting onto a couch or bed and was exhausted at the end of the day. 

According to this article, "For those who can afford it, 'a new hip can change a dog’s life,' said Dr. Andrew Jackson, the public outreach director for the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. New hips can cost upward of $5,000 (though Ben’s owners had pet insurance that reduced the cost to about $600)."

Don't miss the wonderful slide show documenting Ben's surgery and recovery that accompanies this article. And please let us know if you had heard of full hip replacement for dogs and/or know any pooches who have had this surgery—we'd love to hear the stories!


KB said...

We've faced a lot of medical issues in our dogs but not crippling hip problems. We are presently trying to find a vet to do a replacement of the articular surfaces in our black lab's elbow... if it works, it will change his life.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Wow very interesting. I had 3 surgeries for my back and leg
Lily (& Edward)

Bocci said...

Hey KB Bear, so hope "R" gets his life changing surgery—he and Shyla certainly have one of the most gorgeous places on earth to romp!

And Lily, had no idea you had that manny surgeries! You're a tough gal! My predeccesor, Carson, had replacements for both of his back ACL's or knees or something like that—so long ago Parental Unit can't remember:-)

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