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Saturday, February 06, 2016

How To "Catify" Your Home

Ms. Bella has been pretty inventive around our home in making her own "Catification". She'll hide and let you seek her anywhere!

But if you have multiple kitties and want to enrich their environment (see the many benefits here), there's more than one way to modify your home to help your feline family members be more comfortable in an indoor environment.

First, you can take some tips from the catification lady herself, the fantastic Kate Benjamin, who teamed up with none other that Jackson Galaxy to write an entire book on the subject...aptly titled: Catification. What we particularly love about Kate and this book is that the focus is on contemporary and stylish designs that will please both your cat and you—after all, you humans are paying the rent!

You also might check out some veterinarian-based enrichment advice for your feline, that will help you learn the "whys" behind what you're doing and how it benefits the physical and mental health of your kitty. And here's a feline environmental enrichment checklist prepared by Dr. Tony Buffington, a world-renowned veterinary cat expert with over 35 years of feline research experience. You''ll recall that we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Buffington a couple of years ago about his work and his interactive iTunes book and course called Cat Mastery.

Finally, we'd like to share this video again because we think it's phenomenal what these guys did to catify their home—and the fifteen or so cats that share their gorgeous abode are all rescues. Happy #Caturday!


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