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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter Activities For Your Dog...And You!

Raise your paw if you'd rather hide under the covers than go outside in winter weather...

Truthfully, I love going outside in cold, snowy weather, but Parental Unit...not so much. She manages to faithfully take me for at least one walk each day, no matter the weather. Take today for example. We went for our usual length walk despite the single digit temperatures and a few inches of snow and ice on the ground.

But there are lots of ways you can exercise with your dog in the winter, both indoors and out. Check out these tips from PetMD (complete with invigorating slide show) to get some ideas for winter fun  with your pooch. What we like about these top ten winter exercises is that they vary in intensity from a stroll around the block and the usual game of indoor or outdoor fetch, to interval training and "Skijor" a combination of cross-country skiing and mushing. Thanks, but we'll just stick with a walk and some fetch!

Here are six more excellent winter exercise tips for you and your canine companion from Cesar's Way. These focus a bit more on mental engagement which can be as stimulating for your pooch as that Skijor thing.

Depending on the temps and wind chill factors, and your dog's age and type of fur, he or she may need to wear a coat and/or booties. And don't forget to thoroughly wipe your dogs' paws after each walk to remove salt and other ice melting agents before they lick them.

                                 You hoo, Parental Unit!

Let us know how you and your dog get your exercise during the winter months—we'd love to hear your tips for staying fit when it's cold outside!


Kinley Westie said...

We usually don't get too much bad weather here, but when I lived in Bawston, me and momma played a LOT of inside fetch in da winter.

Duke said...

We have dad's workshop to race around in after our morning walkies and we are so happy to have it!

The Daily Pip said...

Fortunately for my assistant, I don't much care for winter, snow, or the cold. Pip didn't either. It's kind of a requirement for dogs in this house - no super long walks in the arctic Chicago winter.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We just raised all 8 paws... UGH... we HATE winter.

Bocci said...

About this time each year, Parental Unit starts thinking about a permanent move to a warmer climate...Like Whitley!
So glad you have a workshop to race around in, Mitch and Molly!

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