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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Do You Take Your Dog...Everywhere?

Even when it says "No Dogs Allowed?" Say, into a country that requires a 10 day quarantine? Just askin'. Parental Unit takes me into as many shops as possible on our urban strolls, as long as it's not a restaurant or bakery, and as long as there's no sign specifically prohibiting dogs. For example, she's brought both my predecessor, Carson, and me into our local bookshop for decades where I'm treated like a regular customer.  But there's no sign indicating a "yay" or "nay" on pets, and she's never seen other dogs in this particular bookstore. And I'm a veritable celebrity in our local bank branch—my infectious enthusiasm always snags me a treat!

            Cute photo of my by Rachel Lauren Photography

We wrote  a post a number of years ago that asked whether any of our readers had snuck their dog into a hotel...and we received lots of fun stories! This recent blog post for The New York Times humorously traces the history of some crazy but effective ways celebrities have avoided fees and quarantines while still having the companionship of their beloved dogs. And the author even admits to borrowing some of their trickery.

What about you? Is it just hotels where you've bypassed the ban to allow you and your pet to better enjoy the moment? We'd love to hear your stories!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I (Frankie Furter) used to go 3 times a month to different Writer's Group Meetings... ONE was in a Church... Everybuddy in the group just accepted the fact that I came along... and I GOT my OWN CHAIR... one night the Church's Pastor stopped by... and he walked along Shaking Everybuddy's Paw... and when he got to me... One of the group said ... THAT is FRANKIE... he is SHY and won't TALK... so the pastor just put his hand out and I SHOOK with him... All was Fine... That was in Zanesville at a Lutheran Church. AND I am a Pressed Butt Smearian.
Ernie and I try to take our Peeps... EVERYWHERE with us...

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

Mommy used to take Foley everywhere but with River and I she has become overprotective because we are so small. We are both homedogs

Molly the Airedale said...

Unfortunately, our mom rarely takes us places with her - something about us being possibly an embarrassment and ruining it for everybuddy else.

Bocci said...

Mitch and Molly, we cracked up when we read your comment! From our perspective, you could never be an embarassment to anyone:-) But you know, I'm kinda a small guy (only weigh 32 pounds) so I'm a lot easier to let tag along. And then there's two of you! Parental unit knows she can't handle big dogs...and I'm the biggest one she's ever had the pleasure of parenting:-)

Sheltie Times said...

Bailey went lots of places with us, but some people can be petty, complained and then he couldn't go anymore. One of the best places he went and was never denied was my Gram's nursing home. People were surprised he was welcome, but they welcomed dogs on leashes, not just therapy dogs. As time went on he had a list of people he had to visit on his way in and out of visiting Gram. They all waited for his arrival.

When Katy came along we became less likely to take her places because she doesn't enjoy it as much as Bailey. He LOVES strangers. Strangers freak Katy out.

Bocci said...

That's interesting, Bailey. So nice that Bailey had a long list of friends at the nursing home, awaiting her visit. I hope to one day soon be able to pay visits like that, but likely need my canine good citizenship certificate first...

The Menagerie Mom said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my boy Evan's story!

I love that you go to the bookstore with your mom, Bocci! I would love to take my girl Astrid with me to places like the bookstore, but being around strangers tends to make her a bit of a nervously excited mess, and so her social skills are still a work-in-progress. But we'll get there, I hope!

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