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Monday, November 09, 2015

Pet Health Awareness Month: How To Work With Your Veterinarian

         Clearly, I know how to work well with my vet, Dr. Mike.

But I realize (despite my enormous intelligence) that even I could use a helping, human hand when it comes to getting the most out of every vet visit. Specifically, we wanted to pass on these recommendations from our friends at PetMD that encourage you pet parents to work with your veterinarian by asking questions. A few of these questions you'll only need to ask once, but it should be helpful to print out the list and take it with you to each visit—and don't be afraid to add more of your own!

Long gone are the days when humans never questioned their own doctors about anything, let alone arriving with a prepared list of questions for their dog's veterinarian. Today, we're encourage to ask questions and otherwise assert ourselves during the precious time we get with our doctors. This doesn't mean that laypeople should insert themselves into the diagnosis process, but rather become informed enough to help both your doctor and your pet's veterinarian be proactive.

                      Are you being proactive, Dr. Mike?

Just to round out the picture, here's a few ways veterinarians ensure their own pets remain healthy and happy, including how they help their pets' mental and emotional health.  For example, it's hard for an intelligent animal like a dog to sit in the house all day with little to no mental stimulation. Playing games, taking walks and/or rides in the car, and allowing them to meet new people and other dogs every day are just a few ways to keep your pooches' mental health in the positive zone.

We'd love to hear if you write down questions to ask your vet, and what you do to keep your dog happy and his mind active. Let us know!


Sheltie Times said...

I love the note section on my phone. It is the perfect way to write something down I need to remember, like the Vet questions, without leaving them on the table next to the door. I almost never leave the house without my phone, but I can't tell you how many times I've left a list, directions, etc. on the table next to the door.

I love playing with the dogs, but one of the advantages I've found with the relationship these two have with each other is they stimulate each other. One way I know Bailey is still fighting is watching how he engages Katy and gets her to play.

Bocci said...

Using your phone to write down those vet questions is smart. I should do that for my grocery lists...my lists written on scraps of paper are always sitting on the kitchen counter, instead of in my purse! Hope Bailey keep fighting!

meowmeowmans said...

I'm curious by nature, and always ask our vet questions. She actually enjoys it, and has told us she wishes more pet parents would do so.

Bocci said...

Asking questions help us all to learn!

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