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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Does Your Cat Love You?

It's kinda hard to tell, isn't it? But let's just say that my feline sister, Bella, pictured below with Parental Unit just a few days ago, displays most of the classic signs of kitty love with our shared housekeeper cook parental unit.

These top ten signs of feline love, from Care2.com are classics in the humane-feline relationship. And here are just a few that Bella regularly displays: Rolling around and showing her belly (check); head butts galore (check); rubbing Parental Units face and nibbling her hands and nose (check); gifting—she leaves her favorite toy in her shoe or book bag (check)...

But the real question I leave you with is why humans have to try so hard to figure out whether the cats they're slaves to actually "love" them? Why don't those cats  just go berserk with joy every single time they return home, or lick them lavishly and constantly or...
O.K. You tell me!


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