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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

October Is Adopt-A -Shelter-Pet Month!

Clever graphic courtesy of BlogPaws
Did you all know that the gorgeous month of October is Adopt-A-Shelter Pet (or Dog) Month? Yes, we know that every month should be one where we call attention to the millions of beautiful companion animals waiting, and waiting...and waiting in shelters for the right human to take them home. But it can't hurt to have one month that specifically encourages folks to adopt a new family member from their local shelter or rescues...or to simply peruse Petfinder.com to fall in love.

If you simply can't adopt right now, why not foster an animal—that helps that cat or dog become socialized, so they're ready for adoption when the stars finally align for them, and it frees up shelter space for other animals in need. You could also volunteer at your shelter to walk dogs or simply donate needed supplies.

You might also take a few minutes this month to talk with even just one friend about the importance of considering adoption if they plan to add a pet to their family. The truth is that not everyone is as aware as our blogging community of the plight of shelter animals and the desperate need to convince more people to visit their local shelters or contact breed rescues—so many lives depend on it!

And speaking of a wonderful pet blogging community, don't forget to join the BlogPaws gang tonight from 8-10 pm EST for a fun Twitter chat to ring in Adopt-A-Shelter Pet month. Use hashtag #blogpawschat and jump right into the conversation!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Spread the word. We always encourage adoption
Lily & Edward

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