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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Pets Help Us Through The Best And Worst Of Times

We're thrilled to tip you off to one of our upcoming giveaways: The just released book, "All Dogs Go to Kevin" by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, who's current veterinary practice as director of Paws into Grace, specializes in home hospice care and euthanasia for terminally ill pets.

Although Parental Unit hasn't yet read this book, she's heard it's gotten rave reviews and can't wait to dive in. She had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Vogelsang at one of the BlogPaws conferences, and is in awe of her work. We can't help but believe that her very specialized practice is a natural outgrowth of our society's changing view of animals and their place in our families. A positive and progressive evolution, we say!

This recent AP article gives you a glimpse into her life and a bit of a preview of the book. Enjoy and keep a lookout for our review and giveaway!


KB said...

Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like a super interesting book!

Bocci said...

I've skimmed a few chapters and she's an excellent writer!

meowmeowmans said...

We've heard about this book, and it's on our reading list. Thanks for sharing about it!

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