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Monday, August 10, 2015

How Cats Took Over The Internet: The Definitive History

                       Cats in a Museum? Are you kidding me!

Parental Unit didn't realize there was a lengthy history behind the "cats on the Internet" craze, and even if there were, she wasn't so sure it would an interesting topic to explore...Until now.

This fascinating article in a recent New York Times discusses a current show at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY.,  aptly titled: "How Cats Took Over the Internet". The exhibit focuses on the last twenty years of this online feline obsession and includes slide shows and videos aplenty, and a timeline of the top feline Internet stars.

But according to the article, the very first example of this kitty genre might be a kinetoscope shot by Thomas Edison in 1894 of two cats in a boxing ring sparing with gloves. And you thought the light bulb was his major claim to fame! For the sake of the participating cats, we hope this boxing match didn't last long and there were no "knock out" swipes.

Jason Eppink, the curator of this exhibit, says: "I take a delight in finding depth in seemingly frivolous subjects." For those of you like Parental Unit, who scoffed at the idea of any depth to the feline Internet craze, this exhibit just might change your mind. 


The Daily Pip said...

I would love to see this exhibit. It's very true when I poke around Youtube - the cat videos always out number the dog videos.

Bocci said...

Parental Unit would love to see this exhibit, too! She also noticed she had her numbers transposed...it was 1894 that good 'ole Thomas Edison made that kinetoscope (whatever that was!).

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