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Saturday, August 29, 2015

House With A Heart Provides Care And Love For Senior Dogs

Senior pooch well taken care of at HouseWithAHeart.com. Photo courtesy of Sher Polvinale, founder.

It's nothing short of amazing how some humans sacrifice so much to help animals in need, while others, at the first sign of extra work needed to care for a sick or aging pet, dump them off at a shelter. Sher Polvinale and her husband had been rescuing companion animals for over two decades before they decided to turn their home in a senior pet sanctuary, aptly called House with a Heart.

This recent article from the Huffington Post, says the sanctuary requires about 55 round-the-clock volunteers to help care for all of the animals this couple has taken in—mostly seniors and/or pets with special needs who suddenly found themselves at shelters when their owners chose to no longer care for them. The animals have a list of maladies including blindness, dementia and incontinence, and some require special carts for outside playtime. Have we mentioned that these people are saints?

Although the reasons why this haven is necessary confound us, it's a beautiful feeling to know that so many people open their hearts and their homes to help animals in need of care and love in their last days.


Molly the Airedale said...

Bless them! Seniors are the very bestest♥

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