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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Are Cats Domesticated...Or What?

This fascinating article published on Slate.com gives us reputable scientific fodder to think the "or what" might be the more accurate description of our feline friends.. In short, scientific opinion is divided: some scientists simply don't think there's enough information to  accurately label cats a domesticated species. Why? Well, for one reason, "cats can hunt for themselves and go feral without human contact."

Dogs, by comparison, cannot do the same—its been bred out of them. In fact, at the genetic level, dogs have ten times the "molecular signatures of domestication" than cats. On the other side, one scientist stated: "There's no difference between a domesticated cat and a domesticated anything else."

                        Am I using a wild animal for a pillow?

Let us know what you think about this debate—it's the first we've heard of it and think it's worth some discussion!


The Daily Pip said...

Gosh, not sure I agree ...there are areas of Chicago and the forest preserves that have lots of feral dogs. I think I will read this article and then maybe weigh in again.

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