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Friday, July 17, 2015

Airedales And Wires And Humans, Oh My!

Parental Unit spent a lovely afternoon visiting her good friend, Kim, who expertly groomed my predeccessor, Carson, for 16 years. Kim heads up the Airedale and Wire Fox rescue in Ohio and has fostered hundreds of temporarily homeless pups and placed many more in new homes. She's a hero in our eyes!

Here's Kim with her Airedales and Wire: That's Patrick on the left, little Bluegrass in the center and 15 year old Angus on the right. All are rescues, of course! Both Patrick and Angus were agility stars in their younger years.

 Parental Unit and the gang.  P.S. it looks like she's got a strangle hold on poor Bluegrass and Angus, but she swears she wasn't holding on, just "resting" her hands.

                        Patrick gave her a nice smooch!

Here's Kim with Bluegrass, a puppy mill rescue. The little girl is adorable, but when Kim rescued her,  her mouth was in such bad shape that she had to have seven teeth removed, and still has a pretty obvious overbite.

One last photo of cutie pie Patrick expecting a treat... Hey, did Parental Unit give a treat to another dog?

Parental Unit sends a big "Thank You" to Kim for a fantastic lunch and a fun visit with her and the furkids. And I've been specifically invited next time! 


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