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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday's Living With Your Pet Tips: Canine Summer Safety Strategies!

                                Water, Parental Unit, Water!

It's been hot and dreadfully humid in our neck of the woods lately, and after yesterday's near death experience at our riverfront arts festival (Parental Unit, not me!), we thought it was time to post a few hot weather tips for you and your canine.

The  key is to be prepared, and as you might have guessed by now, Parental Unit talks up preparedness, but is typically unprepared herself. Take yesterday at the arts festival (I remained safely at home in air conditioning): No umbrella for the downpour, wrong clothes, no cash for food or water... Hooboy, I practically had to scrape her off the floor when she returned.

But these top ten tips for summer dog safety from our good friends at DogTime Media are excellent reminders of how to ensure your pooch stays safe and happy, even through the "dog days" of summer. Of course, when you're out for a walk or longer hike, take lots of water for both of you—hydration is key in preventing heat stroke. If you're boating, make sure your pooch wears a brightly colored life vest, if swimming in a pool, work with your dog to make sure they really can swim well enough to stay afloat and show them (many times) a safe pool exit strategy. And don't forget the sunscreen...for your dog, too! Apply pet-safe sunscreen to your dog's nose and other hairless parts because dogs get skin cancer just like humans!

These stay safe summer strategies will give you a good start, but let us know your top tips for keeping your dog healthy and safe during summer activities. We'd love to hear them!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Good info. Hope every buddy spreads the word
Lily & Edward

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