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Monday, May 18, 2015

Prep Your Pooch For The Dog Park!

                       Me and my new pal at the dog park.

We've written quite a bit about visiting dog parks, but we thought our friends at PetMD did an excellent job culling these "Top Five Tips" to prepare you and your dog for a dog park visit. Notice we said you and your dog! I have to admit that Parental Unit is hyper-vigilant while I'm at the park, and perhaps goes a bit overboard in making sure I stay safe—she tends to glare at those who don't follow the clearly marked dog park rules, for example. (Ahem...please keep your pooch leashed unless they're within the confines of the dog park itself.) But we think you can never be too careful. These strategies even propose that you have a planned "exit strategy", as in: where are the nearest veterinary emergency services, just in case...

Let us know what special precautions you take before you let your dog romp in the park. We'd love to  hear your tips!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Since mom is in charge of the Frenchie Meetup, we are always very careful. We only stay in the little doggy area
Lily & Edward

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