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Friday, April 24, 2015

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie...And Other Things You Do To Annoy Your Dog

                    Hey! Don't bug us when we're sleepin'!

When your dog is trying to get some shut-eye, do you think he looks so sweet that you give him a big hug? Oops! Who wants to be bothered when they're sleeping? And canines don't have a history of "grasping" one another to show affection, so hugging can, well, annoy them. Admittedly, Parental Unit hugs me all the time and will not apologize for it!

What other behavior faux pas are you Parental Units committing that could be interpreted by your dog as inappropriate at best, or at the other end of the spectrum, contribute to their behavioral problems? Our friends at Modern Dog magazine have described 12 pet parent behaviors that just might be annoying to your dog. Hint: they include yelling (dogs interpret this as angry barking), teasing and breaking with routine.

Of these 12 crimes against your canine, we think the worst is simply too much time alone. Dogs are social animals and need daily interaction with you, their fearless leader. Dogs also have a fair amount of energy (some more than others) and are intelligent, so they need a good amount of both physical and mental stimulation each day to be at their best. A short walk in the morning before work and plopping down with you on the couch to watch TV at night really doesn't cut it. Over time can this routine of inactivity can result in destructive and even aggressive behavior.

What inadvertent "crimes" have you committed against your pooch? Any of those listed, or have your discovered other behaviors that annoy your four-legged buddy? Let us know!

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