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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dog Adoptions Multiplied With Clever Ideas

Humans are finally usin' their noggins to help spur adoptions. I'm not the only one who can be clever!

We love hearing about the clever ideas humans come up with to help shelter pets get adopted as quickly as possible. But we really love is giving these ideas a shout-out on our blog, so our friends can pay it forward to their local shelters and rescues. A shelter in California has hit upon a winning idea: Check each dog's DNA to better market them to loving homes. The Peninsula Humane Society, just a 30 minute drive south of San Francisco, "began free DNA testing under the slogan "Who's Your Daddy", and the effort has been hugely successful.

     Infographic courtesy of the Peninsula Humane Society website.

The idea is to let prospective families know about the breed traits that make up each blend (approximately 75% of shelter dogs are mixed breeds), so they can better access a good fit for their family, and to "come up with clever 'breed' names that can boost adoption odds." Think: a Yorkshire terrier and beagle mix dubbed a "Yorkle" or a golden retriever-miniature pinscher-Chihuahua mix now known as a "goldenChinscher". This latter strategy is a good play for those who want the latest "designer dog" and pay a small fortune to get "golden doodles" or "puggles" for example. Remember when you first heard about those "breeds"? Now they're everywhere!

Let us know what you think of this latest adoption technique, and what your local shelter is doing to help increase their adoption rates.

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