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Monday, March 02, 2015

A Dog's Life In Shadow

         Photograph by Thomas Roma/Howard Greenberg Gallery

As you know, we love to bring you articles from "Menagerie", The New York Times ode to all things animal. We were entranced by a piece in yesterday's hard copy edition of The Times, highlighting a photographer's unusual pictures of dogs' shadows, as they appeared on the moonscaped surface of a dog park. The article was written by the photographer's son, Giancarlo Roma, who explained the context of the photos and his father's picture-taking techniques. He describes the shadows the dogs cast as "...long and wild, startlingly unlike their physical forms." Thus his father, Thomas Roma, named the collection "Mondo Cane", literally translated as "Dog World" in Italian, but more loosely construed as an idiom meaning "a world gone mad".

We think these photographs of our playful friends are just gorgeous (don't miss the slide show), and as the article points out, offer humans a glimpse into the wilder, more spiritual nature of the canines you call pets. 
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