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Friday, February 06, 2015

Is Your Dog Bored? Stave Off The Winter Doldrums With These Indoor Games

                                    Is it spring yet?

You've likely heard of some of these indoor games for you and your dog to play together, but what we like about this list from Modern Dog Magazine is the "how to" part. Perhaps Parental unit is a bit slow, but the explanation that accompanies these activities turned on a light bulb for the old gal. She finally gets it!

Even the usual suspects, like teaching your pooch a new trick: for example, to pick up toys and deposit them in his or her toy basket, becomes easier with these explanations. The trick with this one, though, is that your dog needs to first "drop it" on command, and I'm not quite there yet.

 Parental Unit has to admit something: She's been raving about how I appear to know the name of one of my toys, like Chaser, the super-smart Border Collie knows the names of thousands of his toys. But she's been teaching me all wrong—no wonder I'm confused! This article quotes directly from Dr. Pilley's tips and explains the step by step process that should allow me to have that same "aha moment" that Chaser had and understand that my toys have names. At least one of the steps she didn't do was completely remove all of my other toys and focus on only one for at least three days. When I'm finally asked to find, say, Tigger, I can't make a mistake because it's the only toy for miles.

Do you think your dog gets bored if he or she is indoors too much, like during this awful winter? Let us know what you do to help both you and your pooch stave off the winter doldrums.

        So let's play, Parental Unit! (Before I fall asleep again...)


Golden Daily Scoop said...

We tend to get bored during the winter as well. Mom always puts some toys away from us for awhile. Then when she see's us getting bored with our toys she brings out the "new" ones.

Bocci said...

Yes, Parental Unit rotates my toys, too. She thinks I don't know....:-)

Unknown said...

Luckily for us we are out and about in the park each day and always have time for a good game of tug in the afternoon. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

oh we just read that post with the games! I pulled out Dakota's Nina Ottosson toy on Friday...bad thing, he figures it out too fast!

Unknown said...

We play a lot of indoor fetch, hide and seek and lots of puzzle games! Oh, and a little wrestling now and then. :)

Bocci said...

We do some wrastlin' too!

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