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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Numbers Behind Animal Abuse And What You Can Do To Help

 A hearty thank-you to K9 of Mine for putting together this nifty infographic with statistics provided by the Humane Society of the United States. The idea is to raise awareness of animal abuse so that together, we can take steps to finally put an end to animal cruelty. We can all help by sharing this infographic, for starters!

Although we were aware of the relationship between domestic violence and animal abuse, we didn't realize the correlation was so high— 71% of domestic violence victims reported that their abuser also targeted their pet. And we also didn't realize that the most common dogs abused are Pit Bulls, which likely starts the cycle ending in their high death rate at the hands of their abusers or in shelters.

One key to ending animal abuse is to have tough animal cruelty laws. You might consider signing up for the ASPCA's Advocacy Brigade, so you'll be notified of important animal cruelty legislation in your area and can take action. Every voice counts!

How to Prevent Animal Abuse


Unknown said...

So important to get involved and help canvas and petition. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Duke said...

Abuse is so senseless and hurtful. Thank you for this, Bocci.

Love ya lot♥
Mitch and Molly

Sheltie Times said...

One thing not mentioned here is how difficult it is to find shelter with animals. I recently had to help someone seek shelter from domestic violence and it so much harder than I ever believed possible to get this family shelter. None of the resources we looked at had anything available for families or individuals leaving with animals.

Resources are stretched thin and many people are not getting serviced, so I can sadly see why it isn't a priority here. However, I was happy to notice that we do now have a push to make shelters for dogs available during emergencies in conjunction with Red Cross shelters. Perhaps a movement can start that works with victims of abuse to provide temporary housing for their pets so they can walk away knowing they aren't losing their animals forever.

Bocci said...

Thanks all for your comments on this important, yet sensitive subject. Yes, Bailey, we totally agree. And from what we've read, many of the abused specifically don't leave the violent environment because they can't take their pets with them if they go to a shelter.

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