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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Purina Helps Us Donate To Our Local Dog Shelter!

We've had the good fortune to work with Purina on several occasions and were honored to help spread the good word about bonding with your dog—whether through engaging your dog's natural instincts with a rousing game of fetch, or simply taking long walks with your favorite canine by your side. As part of our work with Purina, we received coupons for 10 free bags of Purina One SmartBlend or Beyond formula dry dog food, and decided to donate that much-needed food to our local shelter.

Parental Unit finally used the coupons to purchase the food and took the drive to the Franklin County Dog Shelter to deliver it just before the new year. We're happy to say that the shelter was bustling with potential adopters: the staff barely had time to pose for a picture!

                    But this lovely volunteer helped us out! 

A hearty thank you to our friends at Purina for your generous gift of the coupons—those 10 coupons totalled about 120 pounds of  dog food that will go directly to feed shelter dogs in much need of high quality, nutritious food. Kudos to Purina for giving us this opportunity!

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