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Friday, January 23, 2015

Are You And Your Dog Bonded?

          Clever illustration courtesy of Modern Dog Magazine

So you think you and your dog are glued at the hip, do ya? This fun article from Modern Dog Magazine, complete with quiz, might have you thinking otherwise—or pleasantly surprise both you and your dog. It also includes strategies to help you bond even more closely with your canine companion.

Parental Unit took the quiz and was a bit miffed (you know how touchy humans are) that there are some indications that we're not super tightly bonded. For example, I rarely look at her on walks or check in with her at the dog park of my own volition, unless she says the word "treat".  And I don't come 100% of the time when called. Although to be fair, I do "obey" her, ehem, "requests" the vast majority of the time. And when she's home all day, I don't always rest in the same room—after all, I have a backyard to protect!

On the other hand, I always greet her with wild enthusiasm when she returns home, even if she's only left momentarily to take out the trash. And of course, I love it when she pets and plays with me—we have a variety of favorite games and I've recently learned a few new ones like a short "crawl" after "down." We agree with all of the bonding tips described in this article, and particularly the idea of stepping up the training, even if you simply teach your pooch a new trick each month. It keeps you spending time together, after all.

So do you feel deeply bonded with your dog? Take the quiz and let us know the results. And we'd love to hear your strategies for improving that all-important bond.


Anonymous said...

I guess Haley is really bonded to me after taking the quiz! Sometimes I think that could be a bad thing though because she prefers hanging out with me more than interacting with other dogs.

Unknown said...

We must give it a go. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

ChrisGuerra said...

It appears as though it had been compiled by youtube channel, as this description appears like a genuine resume from the good workers. After I had exactly the same one and that i really succeed.

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