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Friday, August 15, 2014

Don't Leave Your Dog Behind!

I'm ready for a road trip whenever you are, my faithful Parental Unit!

One of the main, pet friendly ideas we try to promote here at Bocci's Beefs is that families should integrate their pets into their lives—making them more like true family members. A great way you pet owners could accomplish this is to simply take your pets with you more often when you, well, leave the house. Think about the mournful look on our faces when you shut the door...and don't return for hours, or even the entire day. What's up with that?

We realize that it can be a bit more complicated when you bring Fido along, and you do have to plan ahead, but once you start taking us with you regularly, say on your daily errands, it becomes a lot easier—for both you humans and us. If you're worried about us misbehaving, for example, the more we get out there and mingle (I think you humans call it "networking"), the better behaved we will be—as long as you set our boundaries and provide gentle correction and discipline. Speaking only for me, I'm a fast learner!

Here's one example: Parental Unit always takes me with her when she goes to her local bank, just a few blocks away. And when I realize that's where we're headed, I start getting real excited because I always get a great reception there, including a biscuit or two. But when I get excited, I start sneezing, so the second I walk into the bank, well, I start sneezing like crazy, much to the delight of the bank employees and customers. Parental Unit wishes she'd be that welcomed at a lending institution...but we'll leave that for another post.

We ran across these great strategies for traveling with your pet from our friends at Mercola Healthy Pets—from daily errands to weekend getaways to longer road trips, you'll learn how to keep both you and your pet safe and happy. This article also provides additional resources, like The AAA Pet Book and National Geographic's The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel (both hard copy) plus tons of online resources to help you and your pet get in the travelin' groove. But the best part is that you'll be together!

Let us know your tips and tricks for taking your dog along for the ride. We'll all benefit from your strategies!

P.S. Speaking of travelling with your dog, we'll be bringing you the quintessential dog+ guy+ major road trip book for an upcoming review and giveaway: Travels With Casey, My Journey Through Our Dog Crazy Country by Benoit Denziet-Lewis. Don't miss it!


Unknown said...

Unfortunately we are not that dog friendly here as a city which is a real pity. Most places don't welcome dogs so we have to make do with parks and anywhere Fido is welcome which is nowhere really....big sigh. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Golden Daily Scoop said...

Well we are very jealous that you get to go to the bank! We go through the drive through and get a biscuit but no dogs allowed inside. Go figure!!

Bocci said...

You know, Miley, neither Parental Unit nor I ever asked permission...she just took me on in and no one ever said we had to leave!

Sheltie Times said...

People can be cranky. We had a couple of places we used to bring the dogs and people used to look forward to seeing them. Then a couple of people complained, not that the dogs went near them, but that the law didn't allow dogs to go... So no more dogs.

I also think it depends on the dogs. Bailey could easily go with me or my husband 24/7. He'd love to go to work and sleep under DH's desk and follow him to meetings ect. Katy, is much happier at home and we pick events where she will enjoy the outing and it won't stress her too much.

While Bailey loves shopping at the pet stores and could stay and mingle all day, Katy likes to go, buy, and leave. I have to respect that.

Duke said...

We love going to the bank but it's only the drive-thru. Even if we were allowed inside, mom would never attempt to take us both in at once. She says it would be sheer lunacy! What the heck is that supposed to mean?!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Bocci said...

Thanks for the info, you guys! We got a picture in our head of Mitch and Molly dragging your Mom into the bank...I'm a lot smaller and I just sneeze a lot! Parental Unit claims she couldn't handle a dog any bigger than me (32 pounds).

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

FYI for anyone with TD Bank - they DO allow dogs to come inside.

Unknown said...

Well we are very jealous that you get to go to the bank! We go through the drive through and get a biscuit but no dogs allowed inside. Go figure!!

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