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Sunday, July 13, 2014

PetMD: The Truth About Keeping Your Pets Cool In Summer

I was pretty warm in this picture, but had lots of water and soon moved into the air-conditioned  indoors.

We've all probably seen endless "tips" on how to make sure your pets keep cool during the summer heat, but we thought these seven tips (complete with slide show) from PetMD were particularly important and worth sharing and discussing. Why? Because they debunk some of the common myths about keeping your pet cool, like shaving your dog or cat (a big NO), and explain exactly why these myths are, well, myths. And by understanding the "why" behind the tips, you can feel comfortable that you're making the right choices for your pet.

These tips also remind us that certain breeds are more prone to heat-related problems because their cute, but smashed in faces (it's called brachycephalic) simply don't allow them to breath as well. Owners of these pets (both dogs and cats) must be extra cautious during hot weather. And these tips also highlight what to avoid, like long outings in midday and hot sand or asphalt (our pets paw pads are sensitive and unprotected against the elements).

Parental Unit claims she's shocked by the number of pet owners she's heard say that they shave their pets during the summer to keep them cool. In fact, it's just the opposite: the "layers of a pets coat actually help protect them from overheating and sunburn." But you should brush your pets more frequently during the summer to reduce loose hair.

Let us know what ideas you have for keeping your pets cool and safe during hot weather—we'd love you to share!


Cowspotdog said...

We have doggy cool mats scattered around the house that the boyos can lay on but you know a nice wet towel will also help cool a pup down nicely - great for outdoors.

Laika said...

Sometimes when it is very hot, my mom takes a wet towel and lay over my back and head. When the water evaporates there will be cool on my back and my head.

Bocci said...

You know, we've never thought of a wet towel, but we will now!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

WE have COOLING Pads in our Jennifer Jeep... BUTT even WITH THOSE... mom and dad do not EVER leave us in there during hot weather... They are just to keep us Extra Comfy... when the sun shines in the windows... while we are RIDING.

Sagira said...

My parents have swamp coolers for us when it get super hot out.

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