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Friday, February 21, 2014

How To Prevent A Dog Bite: Learn Your Dog's Language!

Photo courtesy of DogTime Media

We all know that dogs do bite occasionally, and probably each of us knows someone who's been bitten by a dog. But we're guessing that most of us are clueless (O.K. Parental Unit is only speaking for herself) about the warning signs dogs engage in before they bite. This super informative article from our friends at DogTime Media is blunt: You humans can be oblivious to dog language, and that lack of knowledge and failure to supervise your dog, particularly around babies and children, can be tragic. It's also darn important to supervise your children around any dog your child encounters, no matter how loudly the owner claims her pooch is "child friendly".

For example, did you know that when a dog repeatedly licks his lips or yawns that indicates a warning from your dog that he is uncomfortable with what's going on? According to this article, a dog licking his lips is "dog speak" for "Please stop, I am uncomfortable".  How many of us actually watch our dogs closely enough to pick up on that warning behavior? Definitely not Parental Unit! But she's learning to watch both Bella and me a bit more closely in an attempt to understand our language.

How about you? Let us know if you can tell when a dog is poised to bite.


Cowspotdog said...

Thankfully my boys are never around young ones and even if we do come across them while out I always put them in a sit stay ......Reilly is fine with kids and happy to have them pat him and adults too - but Denny is just to scared of everything so I always keep him in the background.

Unknown said...

We have had some bad outcomes over here and 10/10 it has been down to not being there to keep an eye on things. Terribly sad for all involved. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Laika said...

I have never growled or snapped at anyone (except the neighbor's annoying dog) but still my mom and dad never let me be alone with their grandchildren. Or any children.

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