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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More On Traveling With Your Dog: London Anyone?

Photo of Harley safely in London, by Luke Wolagiewicz for The New York Times

We recently posted some tips about traveling by air with your pet, and the good Dr. Becker wasn't thrilled about the possible problems. But she did make an exception for flying with your pets if you're moving: yes, transporting your dog by plane (even if said dog can't be stowed comfortably under the seat), is preferable to leaving your four-legged friend behind.

Leaving their Golden Retriever, Harley, in the United States was never an option for New York Times reporter, Danny Hakim and his wife, when the paper transferred him from New York to London. In Sunday's New York Times travel section, Hakim takes us along on his family's journey to London, complete with details of his wife's extensive research about the best and safest way to transport their (large) family dog, Harley. They even considered the "Navel Option" booking a kennel on the Queen Mary 2, but it was booked out a year in advance. Although you already know that Harley arrived safely (his human family was much worse for the wear), you'll still enjoy reading this hilarious travelogue about a family's journey across the pond.

Let us know if you've ever traveled by plane or ship with your dog. Parental Unit says that if she ever had to transport me by plane, she would have to make the trip fully sedated.


Unknown said...

Wow that was one mighty trip but we would have done the same. Hope they are enjoying their time over here.
Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

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