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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

National Pit Bull Awareness Month!

You know how we're always announcing that it's "this national something month" or "that national something month"? In fact, we just wrote that October is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. Well, people keep creating perfectly good reasons to dub a month for their favorite cause, and we've only got 12 months!

But this gorgeous month of October is a perfect overlap of two causes dear to our hearts: the plight of both shelter animals and the maligned breed of the moment, the Pit Bull. And yes, October is Pit Bull Awareness Month! Unfortunately, these two issues, shelter dogs and Pit Bulls, overlap so nicely because shelters across the country are filled with Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes, and so many of these beautiful dogs are euthanized each year. In fact, the statistics from our local shelter show that Pit Bulls and Pit mixes have the highest euthanasia rate of any breeds taken in by the shelter.

We're guessing that to fix this problem, we'll have to figure out why so many Pitties end up in shelters, and then work to educate the public about the "facts versus fiction" surrounding this breed. And that's what National Pit Bull Awareness Day (October 26th) and National Pit Bull Awareness Month (going on right now) aims to help us do.

As you know, Cesar Millan is a longtime Pit Bull owner and aficionado, and writes eloquently about the breed, and what can be done to combat its bad rap and breed specific legislation that has followed. He also writes about one very special Pit Bull, Elle, who won this year's American Humane Association Dog Hero Awards!

We hope you enjoy reading this information about the Pit Bull and what you can do in your community to help this beautiful breed regain its good standing. 


Unknown said...

We hope people learn and thus are informed and give these lovely dogs a chance. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Vanessa Morgan said...

Hopes it helps to give these dogs a chance. Have a lovely Wednesday.

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