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Friday, August 09, 2013

Special Delivery: It's Your Dog's Poop!

Dog and owners relaxing in Spain. Photo by Samuel Aranda for The New York Times

City officials in Brunete, Spain, a middle-class suburb of Madrid, have taken a rather drastic approach to get dog owners to pick up after their canine companions: mailing their dog's poop back to them. This article in a recent New York Times details the "direct marketing" plan hatched by Brunete's mayor and a advertising agency to get the attention of the town's dog owners. And it seems to have worked. During the two week campaign blitz initiated a few months ago, town volunteers mailed a total of 147 white boxes of dog poop (complete with the town's seal) back to the poops' owners. "It's your dog, it's your dog poop," said the mayor. "We are just returning it to you."

Rough estimates show up to a 70% improvement in poop "pick-up rates", even several months after the campaign has ended... So let's hear your take: How would you feel if your town enlisted volunteers to surreptitiously follow you around on walks with your dog, and later returned your pooches' poop to you via special delivery? Let us know!


Unknown said...

It wouldn't bother me because I pick up my dog's poop. Therefore I wouldn't receive one of those special deliveries. BOL!!

Unknown said...

Great idea but the kind of people who don't pick up here are not the kind of people you'd not want to confront. We could just imagine the scene if they got a poop package. BOL funny. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

WE think this is a GOOD idea.
Ernie and I practice the MAKE it .. TAKE it plan.
If we MAKE it... Mom will TAKE it to the Trash.

Everybuddy should Package the Poops.

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