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Friday, August 30, 2013

Have You "Adjusted" Your Pet: Chiropractors For Your Four -Legged Friends

Dog being "adjusted" at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. Photo courtesy of The New York Times

Have you ever considered a chiropractor for your dog or cat? Many people swear by chiropractors for themselves, and now with alternative veterinary procedures becoming more popular, chiropractic care for pets is on the upswing. But as usual with alternative medical practices, there's lots of debate: Can any old vet manipulate Fido or Fluffy into wellness, or must he or she be certified in chiropractic care?
And regardless of the practitioner's training, does it work?

According to this recent post on The New York Times "Well" Blog, "Animal, or veterinary, chiropractic originated around 1895, when human chiropractic first originated. But it didn't gain wider appeal until 1987...". Two years later, the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association was formed. And as expected, the article quotes many a satisfied customer who swears it's reliable and safe for a variety of ailments, and some in the medical community who voice contrary opinions. According to one veterinary neurologist near Santa Fe, New Mexico, "It [animal chiropractic] should be clearly identified as an unproven therapy, and practitioners should be prevented from making claims about its effects."

Truthfully, neither Parental Unit nor I had heard of chiropractic care for dogs and cats, although we did know that it was regularly used to help horses. We don't have an opinion at the moment, but since Parental Unit has fortunately never had the need for a chiropractor, she remains skeptical because they're not RN's or MD's. But what about you? Let us know if you've ever taken your pet to a chiropractor-veterinary or otherwise-and how you felt about the results. 


Unknown said...

No we have never been and we say thankfully we have no need. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I haven't used a chiropractor - either on myself or Layla. I'm with your mom; I don't think they help as much as people believe.

I DO take Layla to a physical therapist. The person used to be a human PT and now concentrates on dogs. He uses cold laser therapy (which I've had for myself after shoulder surgery). Honestly I can't say if it's had an impact on her. I use it as a preventative measure rather than a treatment. I know she feels good afterward though because she gets floppy like a rag doll and then gets hardcore zoomies - which I try to prevent because she just got all loosened up!

Bocci said...

That's interesting, Amy and Layla-we never heard of cold laser therapy, but glad it's helped both you and Layla-at least to get the Zoomies! (I get those after my bath!)

Sagira said...

I used to be a beliver in it. However, after having first hand experience with Sagira having hip dysplasia and needing some kind of help I would recommend it to anyone in need. We have been using Dr. Carlson at Lifetime Pet Wellness and Dr. Spraklyn. Sagira has been getting adjusted about every month sometimes a couple of times a month and also getting acupuncture. She is a new dog. If you watch her agility runs before and after you can notice the difference in her. We have had people come up and ask us about the difference in her. It is amazing.

Sagira said...

Sorry it should have said I didn't use to believe in it.

Bocci said...

Thanks for that interesting information on Sagira! Clearly, when it's done by someone who knows what they're doing, it works. One of these days, I'd love to see Sagira compete!

Unknown said...

They also think like us and feel like us that is why it is our core responsibility to give them the services of an osteopath.

Gabroo said...

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