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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Architecture For Dogs

                   Logo courtesy of Architecture for Dogs

When you read the words "architecture for dogs", do you still envision a tiny, Snoopy-like dog house with an arched opening and an ironic beagle relaxing on the roof? If so, get ready to be surprised by a group of professionals' and their take on what the modern dog really wants. Architecture for Dogs is an association of architects, artists and other designers who "examined the relationship between dogs and humans to design and build habitats for man's best friend". They even provide blueprints for each of the 13 different dog-friendly environs in their first collection, so you can build them yourself.

An exhibit of their work is currently on display at the Long Beach Museum of Art in Long Beach,  California through September 1, 2013, its worldwide museum debut, before starting an international exhibition schedule.

Photo from the exhibit courtesy of the Long Beach Museum of Art.

Keep a look-out for this fascinating exhibit coming to a museum near you! We'd love to know how many of you handy folks will download a blueprint and give it a go...
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