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Monday, July 15, 2013

Lassie's Back: The Canine American Hero Barks Another Day!

Photo from the original 1954 TV series, "Lassie", courtesy of Moviestore.com

Or at least he or she will be soon. This article in today's LATimes got Parental Unit more excited than I've seen her in quite awhile (pathetic, right?). Although a new movie or TV show starring America's favorite super-smart collie isn't ready for imminent release, DreamWorks Studio, creator of Shrek, et. al., bought the rights to the "Classic Media" library of titles that includes Lassie, among numerous other baby boomer favorites.

Although it's been over 40 years since Lassie (although always referred to as a "girl" was played by mostly male dogs), has had her own prime time television show, her star is firmly embedded in  Hollywood's Walk of Fame and in the hearts of millions of Americans of, ahem, a certain age.

DreamWorks has plans to slowly reintroduce "the Lassie brand" to the public through public appearances, children's TV shows and social media: "She's the original superhero and stands for the great qualities of loyalty and trust and is a uniquely an American icon," says the former Target marketing executive, now global brand chief of DreamWorks, who's heading up the Lassie campaign.

But in all the hubbub, we hope that this latest incarnation of Lassie remains true to its original premise. John Provost, who joined the "Lassie" series in 1957 at age seven as Timmy, and who still makes appearances and signs autographs, said it best: "Timmy always learned something [in addition to being saved from disaster every episode]. He didn't talk back to his parents. It's not like the shows today."

We (or at least Parental Unit) will eagerly await Lassie's latest revival, but how about you? Who's excited to see that beautiful, brainy collie make a comeback?


Unknown said...

We look forward to seeing Lassie back. Hooray. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

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