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Friday, June 21, 2013

Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Do we all know that today is the 15th annual "Take Your Dog To Work" Day? Thanks to Pet Sitters International who first celebrated this fine occasion way back in 1999, many of us can now bring our dogs with us to work on this special day...and every day!

Pet Sitters International created this day to "...celebrate the great companions dog make and to encourage their adoption from humane societies, animal shelters and breed rescue clubs." What a great idea and a great cause to promote!

Although Parental Unit isn't working today, we'll share with you some photos from my visits to Professor Belland's class at the Columbus College of Art and Design, where, you might recall, I've been a guest lecturer for several years.

Here I am conferring with Professor Belland prior to one of my lectures.

   And here we are post-lecture. Look how pleased the Professor is!

                 And surrounded by my adoring students...

What about you? Did you bring your best buddy to work today? We'd love to know!


Unknown said...

We work from home so the dogs are with me all the time. However take your dog to work is a great idea. Love your pix. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

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